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Art Collection: "Liberty" 2023

The Liberty Collection symbolises liberation and freedom, spanning personal, political, and spiritual realms.

This collection began with 'Liberty,' a piece dedicated to the brave women in Iran fighting for their fundamental rights. While exploring this theme, I was inspired by a surge of feminine, reddish-pink energy. I envisioned a woman with her hair blowing in the wind and a formidable ship at the centre of the piece. This woman seemed destined to travel, liberating women across various lands. Stepping back from the artwork, I saw a woman dancing in a circle, her skirt swirling, liberated and free, with her hair flowing in the air. This vision evoked a profound and emotional response within me. A few months later, I embellished this and other artworks in the collection with lush gold leaf, symbolising light, hope, abundance, and a prosperous future.

2023 was a challenging year, marked by a crossroads between my passions and the obstacles I faced. This collection is about freedom and manifesting a better future for us all. One day, feeling that immense change was imminent, I created 'Enchanted Horizon.' Upon completion, I saw a vibrant city with a heart-shaped centre reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House and the lively city of Sydney. Then, when I created the artwork 'Solitude' with a poem, it looked like Sydney with the shape of Australia on the top left side, but when viewed upside down, it resembled a city in Dubai. This was particularly intriguing when my husband received job offers from both Sydney and Dubai a few months later! It was a difficult decision for us, but we ultimately chose Australia, a place I always felt I would call home one day. New Zealand and Australia feel like home! I feel connected and somehow free to explore and be who I am - an artist.

My works are available on stretched canvas, mostly framed in contemporary tray frames, and adorned with golden paint and gold leaf accents. Each piece is signed in champagne gold paint and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes my bio and an artwork description from the collection. Additionally, some works are accompanied by a poem. Shipped worldwide, these pieces are delivered with care to ensure their safe arrival at your doorstep. For further details and a cost estimate, please contact me at


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