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Art Collection: "Liberty" 2023 

The Liberty Collection stands as an embodiment of liberation and freedom, encompassing personal, political, and spiritual realms.


Its inception traces back to the genesis piece titled 'Liberty,' paying homage to the courageous women in Iran striving for fundamental rights.

While exploring this theme, I found myself enveloped in a surge of feminine, reddish-pink energy. Within this creative immersion, a vivid vision materialised—an evocative portrayal emerged, beginning with the profile of a woman, her hair blowing in the wind. Subsequently, the artwork depicted a formidable ship at the centre. I sensed an innate calling for this woman to traverse lands, liberating women across diverse landscapes. Upon finishing the artwork, I stepped back and observed it from a distance, revealing an image of a woman dancing in a circle, her skirt swirling, liberated and free, with hair flowing in the air. Witnessing this vision unfold triggered a profound and emotive response within me. 

These works are available unframed (on stretched canvas ready to hang) or framed in a contemporary tray frame. My work is shipped worldwide, secured, insured, and delivered with
a door-to-door service. Please feel free to contact me for further details and a cost estimate.



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