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                                                   Limited Edition, Fine Art SILK Prints.
                                                          "Soul Connection" 


I would love to share my healing art with a wider international audience while also making it affordable for everyone to enjoy. To achieve this goal, I've decided to apply my art onto silk, which perfectly complements the vibrancy of my work. I've been pleasantly surprised by how stunning the prints look, and they would be ideal for display in custom-made wooden frames with a mat and clear glass or in shadow boxes without glass.

Currently, I have three artworks available from my "Soul Connection" collection as 175 gsm SILK prints, each with a Certificate of Authenticity. These prints are part of a limited edition of 100, sized at 50cm x 50cm, with a 50mm white board for framing. The cost is NZD 450, which includes shipping within New Zealand. Shipping is also available worldwide. If you're interested in these prints or any others, please email me for further details.

01 New Beginnings - 02 Breath You In My Dreams - 04 Soul Connection. Note: Subject to stock availability.

I am also looking for a talented fashion designer to collaborate with and discuss my new art project. Please email me at if you wish to order my SILK PRINT.  

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