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Art Collection: "Wellness Whispers" 2024/25.

'Wellness Whispers' is my dedication to delving deeper into the spiritual realm, aiming to channel healing energies through each artwork. This collection embodies specific forms of healing — whether for the mind, body, or soul — addressing the needs of people worldwide. Guided by my intuition, I let an intuitive flow guide my painting tools as I create each piece.

Inspired by my journey of healing and channelling healing energy, my first artwork in this series: "Healing Glow" is a tranquil painting that embodies serenity, healing, and rejuvenation. Infused with gentle pinks and the captivating hue of 2024, 'Peach Fuzz,' this artwork exudes a soft and heartfelt aura, expressing the desire to nurture kindness and compassion as we journey towards a peaceful future. This artwork has a touch of my signature colour 'champagne gold' of course!


Every brushstroke in my art collection 'Wellness Whispers' carries the essence of my healing journey and those that crossed my path, reflecting the transformative power of self-care and inner healing. The delicate hues blend seamlessly, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and hope. As light dances across the canvas, it illuminates the path to inner peace and wellness, inviting viewers to embark on their journey of healing and renewal.

My new collection is a work in progress since my relocation to Australia this winter, which necessitated a pause in creating my artworks. Please visit my previous collections and my recently completed 'Liberty' collection to view all available works for sale.


My works are available on stretched canvas, mostly framed in contemporary tray frames, and adorned with golden paint and gold leaf accents. Each piece is signed in champagne gold paint and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes my bio and an artwork description from the collection. Additionally, some works are accompanied by a poem. Shipped worldwide, these pieces are delivered with care to ensure their safe arrival at your doorstep. For further details and a cost estimate, please contact me at .


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