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Art Collection: "Oneness" 2020 

My collection of four very powerful works (all now sold) is a representation of the current decade. Though it may sound unusual, the title of both my collection and its first piece came to me in a dream on January 1st. Intuitively, I sensed that this year would be defined by unity and togetherness - the oneness of all.

In late March, New Zealand, along with many other countries, entered a four-week lockdown as we battled the Covid-19 pandemic. The changes were overwhelming and closing my gallery - my happy place - and being separated from my family made the uncertain times even more challenging.


Like millions around the world, I retreated into my own bubble for several weeks, dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. To cope, I had to still my mind and trust in a higher power. I firmly believe that we must be isolated to elevate ourselves. This is a time for solitude, healing, exploration, connection, learning, and sharing. Through this collection, I'm channelling a dynamic body of work that conveys the powerful message of love, unity, and oneness. My hope is that we can all be kind to one another and stay safe and well.



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