Art Collection: "Oneness" 2020 


This collection represents the new decade. Strange as it may sound to you, the title of my new collection which is also the name of my first piece in this collection 'came up as a message in my dream' on the 1st of January. Intuitively I knew that this year will be all about unity and togetherness. Oneness - the unity of all. 

In the late March, our beautiful country, New Zealand went to the 'lock-down' for four weeks. And so were many other countries as we were all fighting the Covid-19 (Coronavirus disease). Overwhelmed with all these changes, closing my happy place (gallery) for a while, being so far away from my family and the time of unknowing was very challenging for me. I stayed in my own 'bubble' isolated from the rest for several weeks as were millions of people across the globe. A wave of anxiety panic attacks arrived and I realised that the only way to cope with it all on my own was to 'be still'. I had to calm my mind and trust in the divine. 

I believe that ‘elevation require our isolation'. This is the time of solitude and healing, the valuable time to explore, and to connect, to learn and to share. 


In this collection I'm channeling a vibrant body of work that represents 'the powerful message' of love, unity and oneness. Be kind to each other and stay well & safe. 



Oil on Canvas, 1/2020, size: 41cm x 41cm including white tray frame.

Hello from the Other Side
Oil on Canvas, 4/2020, size: 54cm x 54cm including white tray frame.

In My Bubble
Oil on Canvas, 4/2020, size: 54cm x 54cm including white tray frame.

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