• "Soul Connection" Art Book (2018) - LE of 100. No longer available. 

  • "Healing Through Art" Book coming soon! (2022).

  • New Healing Cards - Set of 5x or 10x:

    Healing Art Cards - Set of 5x at NZD35.00 Set of 10x at NZD65.00.

    Option 1: 'Soul Connection' - Soul Conection, Felicita (Happiness), Breath you in my dreams, New Beginnings, Looking for love.

    Option 2:  - 'Manifestation' Collection: Phoenix Rising, Elastic Heart, Hold Me, Kiss Me, Rainbow of Promise.

    'Healing Through Art' Collection cards COMING SOON!: Grace (with a poem), Lush (with a poem), Dance with Me, The Kiss, You Are My Sunshine.