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  • "Soul Connection" Art Book (2018) - Limited Edition of 100: Sold Out/ No longer available.

  • Healing Art Cards - folded cards (blank inside) with envelops: 
    Set of 5x at NZD35.00  & Set of 10x at NZD65.00. Postage: set of 5x or 10x, $8.50 within New Zealand. Please contact me for international shipping cost.   

    Option 1: 'Soul Connection' - Soul Conection, Felicita (Happiness), Breath you in my dreams, New Beginnings, Looking for love.

    Option 2:  - 'Manifestation' Collection: Phoenix Rising, Elastic Heart, Hold Me, Kiss Me, Rainbow of Promise.


  • I'm currently working on my new book about healing arts and the power of manifestation sharing my story and .  

    About My New Book (2024) : Within my upcoming book (Title TBA after publishing), I extend an invitation to embark on a transformative journey steeped in creativity, resilience, and personal growth. Through the pages adorned with my healing art and poignant poetry, I passionately guide you to seize the present, manifest dreams into reality, and harness the profound power of resilience and creativity. Embracing the belief that everything imaginable can be learnt, I delve into the concept of manifestation, exploring how our powerful minds shape our realities. This book navigates the transformative potential of art, offering a path from adversity to empowerment. It's a narrative that shares my personal journey of resilience and joy found in the healing arts. Join me on this odyssey where life's vivid hues illuminate the path to self-discovery and rejuvenation.


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