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"Healing Through Art" Collection  2014 - 2017. 


“Intuitive art speaks when words have no form or shape. For me, creating art is an expressive means to channel creative energy with positive emotions that reflect a higher vision within. I believe in the divine healing power of art. Art connects the viewer and the artist. 


I would describe each piece I create as 'an emotional conversation through colour and shape. A tangible expression of one's soul. I have created many artworks during my life time but this collection was a beginning of a healing and channeling."  - Mira

These works are available unframed (on stretched canvas ready to hang) or smaller ones up to 76cm x 76cm as framed in a contemporary tray frame. My work is shipped worldwide, secured, insured, and delivered with a door-to-door service. Please feel free to contact me for further details and a cost estimate.

   Please email to check artwork availability  and the cost.

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