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Mira is an abstract energy, intuitive artist whose
work mirrors a passion for self-expression, energy
and colour. 

Healing and Wellness Art Workshops were designed to suit art enthusiasts of all abilities and to connect people through healing art.


Her teaching methods will show you how to express yourself with acrylic colours through a mixture of expressive art and students can also try some art therapy exercises. There are 1-2 projects at each workshop so returning students will be creating something new. 

Mira’s aim is to use the arts to promote emotional health and well-being and to connect people though creativity. 

Creativity improves well-being and bring a joy in our lives. :) Engaging in the visual arts for adults can also reduce depression and anxiety, increase self-respect, self-worth and self-esteem as well as encourage and stimulate re-engagement with the wider, everyday social world.

Healing Art Workshops 

“Free yourself through healing art, experience the power of creativity and enjoy the arty session in a safe and peaceful environment.” 

Venue TBC.

  • "Intuitive, Healing Art Workshops" 
    (group of 4 -10) with a complimentary light refreshment
    Note: Organise a workshops for a group of minimum 8 people and get the 9th place absolutely FREE! T&C Apply.

  • "Arty Smarty Kids Club, 5-12 yrs old"  
      I work with several talented artists that have experience    with creating fantastic kids workshops and face
      painting activities. 
    Details to be discuses with an organiser.

  • "Art Fusion Workshops for Elderly"
    There are currently Sundays and Mondays available.  

Please email your interest / to book: miracorbovaart@gmail.com 
Prices starts at $100 one to one session (approx. 1Hr).
Group prices varies depend on the length and the type of the workshop. Places are limited so please do book well in advance.